Smart Grid

News, insights and utility activities concerning developments and improvements to the electric grid, transmission lines, substations, transformers and distribution network. Furthermore, we highlight the digital technology, communication protocols, controls, automation and technology that allows for two-way communication between the utility and its customers, allowing for smart response and demand management. The category also includes the influence of consumer interaction with smart devices within smart homes and the associated impact on tariffs and supply, as well as any and all topics relating to the power delivery system and energy consumption.

advanced meter

A first-of-its-kind advanced meter released

The first-of-its-kind advanced meter with an integrated remote service switch to safely manage 320-ampere residential applications.

Three factors restraining businesses to achieve sustainability targets

A new report published by Navigant Research explores barriers restraining companies to effectively putting into practice their sustainability plans.
smart meter data

Top use cases for smart meter data insights

A study conducted to understand how utilities are leveraging smart meter data to optimise their operations has been released
peak time

Summer Peak Time Savings reach $4 million for 300,000 ComEd customers

ComEd has returned more than $4 million in bill credits to consumers who participated in demand response initiative Peak Time Savings, this summer.
energy as a service

Energy as a service to generate $278 billion in annual revenue

Annual revenue generation within the global commercial and industrial energy as a service market is set to reach $278 billion by 2028.

Omexom: enhancing the performance of utility infrastructures

Fires were most likely started by the Utility infrastructures, including toppled power lines due to strong winds and vegetation on electrical lines.
startup accelerator

MINI startup accelerator graduates seven climate emergency solutions

URBAN-X has selected some seven startups that will receive funding to boosts commercialisation of their innovative technologies.
water metering

Water metering market to generate $6.7 billion per annum

The global water metering market is expected to increase its annual revenue from $4.4 billion in 2019 to $6.7 billion in 2028, according to Northeast Group.

IEEE’s ‘Empower a Billion Lives’ finalists announced

The IEEE hosted the finals of its 'Empower A Billion Lives' initiatives in Baltimore on the 28th and 29th of September in Baltimore.

Siemens partners with UK100 in £100 billion local energy project drive

Siemens has partnered with UK 100 to get more than £100 billion of clean energy schemes in operation across Britain.

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