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News and insights into water meter innovation, water grid technology, research and development throughout the water value chain. How utilities maximise smart water meters, preventing non-revenue water loss, as well as the use of AI, data and analytics to ensure the sustainability of the water resource will be noted in this category, especially in light of climate change and drought.

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Water metering market to generate $6.7 billion per annum

The global water metering market is expected to increase its annual revenue from $4.4 billion in 2019 to $6.7 billion in 2028, according to Northeast Group.
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The world’s first water utility digital twins

Anglian Water has become the first water distribution company to leverage digital twins in a bid optimise its operational efficiency.
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Webinar 4 Dec: 2019/2020 – review and forecast

Webinar broadcast date: Wed, 4 December 2019 - 15h00 CET 09h00 New York | 14h00 GMT | 14h00...

Launch of a pilot project for the installation of ADDRA water...

ADD GRUP successfully launched its first pilot project for the installation of ADDRA water meters in Las Jarillas, province of Segovia, Spain
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Unified event spotlights energy ecosystem

European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, a three-day event that spotlights every part of the energy ecosystem, is coming to Paris writes Kelvin Ross.

Green Control talks trends and adapting to the energy transition

Kelvin Ross, editor of sister-publication Power Engineering International, spoke to Wael Al Shihabi, Managing Director of Green Control about agility and opportunity in the Asian energy transition.
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How water leaks are eroding household and district budgets

South Africa, as a developing country that nonetheless leverages several first-world technologies, offers an interesting case study when it comes to water.

Customer centricity: the impact of C-MeX on the water industry

This article looks at how the C-Mex policy can play to ensure utilities improve their services for consumer satisfaction by using consumer-centric solutions
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Consumer AMI project helps DEWA pocket global business excellence award

DEWA has been recognised with the global excellence award for its efforts to help consumers reduce their water usage and bills.

Two countries in one – the disparate state of water services...

Speakers at the 12th Annual Global Water Alliance Conference in Pennsylvania highlighted the realities of the US water industry.

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