News and analysis concerning energy storage, including battery storage, research and development of new types of batteries, lithium-ion technology, as well as energy storage connected to mini-grids, distributed energy resources and related to vehicle-to-grid systems.

Ed’s note: We’ll always have Paris

This week our Ed’s note is short and expresses, not an opinion but, why you need to be at European Utility Week next week.
DoE Innovation

US DoE makes major R&D awards haul

Researchers from the US Department of Energy (DOE) have won 41 of the 100 awards given out this year by R&D World Magazine.
Kenya energy storage

Clean energy sustainability ahead for Kenya’s grid thanks to storage

A new partnership has been unveiled aiming to expand clean energy accessibility and tackle unsustainable battery waste in Kenya by repurposing old battery packs.

$627,000 software controls and storage contract awarded

A contract totalling $627,000 for the provision of software controls and energy storage for Energias Limpias De CentroAmerica (ELCA) as part of their Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) project has been awarded to CleanSpark.
battery technologies

Battery technology improvements outpacing forecasts

A new study has been released which investigates the pace at which battery technologies are being revolutionised and their role in the energy transition.

2019 energy storage trends

There haven’t been many topics in the world of tech more urgent and contemporary than that of energy storage. As e-mobility and...
Tadiran technology

HLC doubles power for current peaks

Requirements for an electric energy source in the metering and Internet of Things (IoT) industry are demanding.

Connecting heat, cold and electricity – a new route to clean...

New technology is offering an economic approach to largescale energy storage. An electro thermal energy storage breakthrough does more than address bulk power storage though.
Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum

Empowering the transition

Smart Energy International’s Philip Gordon spoke with European Utility Week speaker John Feddersen, cofounder, Aurora Energy Research, about heating, the energy transition...

Local flexibilities for an increasing share of DER

As our energy world changes, the European Union, through projects funded by the H2020 scheme, explores pathways to adapt and modernize the electric distribution system, writes Christian Dumbs, coordinator of the InterFlex project.

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