Smart Energy International Issue 5 2018

We examine the development of cybersecurity law in Europe and the UK, as well as some of the amazing organisations behind a multitude of cybersecurity initiatives, such as the North American Electricity Reliability Corporation and their biennial cyber exercise GridEx.

Techniques to detect and harden an e-meter against intrusive tampering

Each year, utility providers around the world lose billions in revenue from nontechnical losses – losses not related to technical operation of the grid...

Sustainability in metering – we must vs. we want

Planet Earth, or, more accurately, humankind is faced with three main issues that are jeopardising our future existence. Global warming caused by increased production...
free electrons

Free Electrons

It’s broadly acknowledged that the digitalisation of the modern electricity grid has brought about the most exciting and far-reaching innovations the industry has ever...

In grid security, preparation is critical

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation conducted the GridEx IV security exercise in November 2017, the fourth such exercise since 2011. The purpose of the...

Data security – the challenge is often bigger than you think

Meters have long been construed as cash registers for utilities. As such, the accuracy and authenticity of data used for billing has always been...

The building blocks of energy tokenisation

On 22nd May 2010 the first Bitcoin transaction occurred when Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer from Florida, bought a $25 pizza with 10.000 Bitcoins.This proved...
energy demand

Meeting the challenge of growing energy demand

With utilities of today facing the challenge of meeting growing energy demand, investing in smart technologies, innovative demand-side management and expanding distributed resources have...
energy 4.0

Data-driven iPaaS

Adaptation to disruption needs to happen at a faster pace, says Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird Whether you call it the ‘Internet of Energy’...
korea midland power

Saft – Energising the world for 100 years

In June 2018 Saft celebrated its membership of the exclusive group of technology companies to prosper in business for over a century. The global high-tech...

Data concetrators and telecom gateways enable digital grids

Powerline communications (PLC) are widely adopted in many smart meter rollouts where medium voltage and low voltage transformers in secondary substations feed a large...

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