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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Utilities are sometimes presented as the ageing face of the energy industry as the sector sees an influx of new entrants. These young arrivals bring with them the thinking of startups and the attitudes of digital natives.

Megger offers all-in-one testing for motors

Megger has combined all of the functions frequently required for testing electric motors in a unique and innovative handheld instrument, the MTR105 static motor...

2020: what to expect in the year ahead

We spoke with a number of industry leaders at the end of 2019 to get their thoughts on 2020. Watch the full interviews on SmartEnergyTV on YouTube.
SAP energy transition

The utility industry in 2020: Energy transition taking place

We must look around to find examples of this new reality, which includes end-customers that are becoming competitors, new players that are joining the utility markets, consumers that are evolving into prosumers, utility companies that are offering new products and services to their end customers, and an increasing demand for improved customer experience.
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What’s fuelling our data?

Simone Bruckner investigates how to improve energy efficiency in data centres.

Flexible spring contact systems for high current connectors

Selwyn Corns outlines a new compact spring contact system with low contact resistance that can cope with large dimensional tolerances, offsets and angular deviations.

Five smart ways to increase engine efficiency on AD plants

The UK’s anaerobic digestion industry has experienced rapid growth over the past 10 years, with a total of 648 plants now in operation.

Why is grid modernisation so complicated? Is there an easy...

Grid modernisation (Grid Mod) is a complicated topic. To deny so, would be a foolish claim. The traditional utility...

A consolidated response to disaster recovery

Preparation for impending disasters costs utilities many millions of dollars, with it being estimated that the Orlando Utilities Commission spent $5.1 million...

Paula Gold-Williams on leadership

Smart Energy International had a chance to speak with Paula Gold-Williams, CEO of CPS Energy, about her role in taking the utility...

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