data privacy

Data acquisition, networks and communication

Data produced by power distribution networks is critical, but so is perfecting data quality and governance. This article looks at utility data...
customer experience

Changing the value of customer experience

Utilities today are facing the most competitive environment that the electric power industry has ever seen. They are facing regulatory disruption, stagnant...
energy storage

Long duration energy storage is a must for the grid

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that 50% of world’s electricity generation in 2050 will come from renewable sources. In Europe, renewable energy...
Cybersecurity Europe

2018 in energy cybersecurity

In an exclusive article, Anjos Nijk, managing director of the European Network for Cyber Security, provides a review of the cybersecurity wins...

Bringing safety to the edge

When it comes to the delivery of natural gas, safety is always top of mind. Technology advancements are making it possible to...

How can Asia finance its smart city ambitions?

Two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050, according to United Nations estimates. The urban population of India...

DSOs as key actors in e-mobility

Smart Energy International spoke to Dominique Lagarde, Director of the Enedis Electric Mobility Programme, about the role that DSOs can and should...
China Storage

Raising questions while providing answers

Smart Energy International spoke with George Dudley of the China Energy Storage Alliance to understand how storage is fundamentally going to change the energy sector in China.
smart city

The transition into smart operations

This article looks at the smart city industry with a specific focus on North America, the factors driving adoption of technologies and...
China IoT

The development of IoT in China

Yuanfei Chen, director, Institute of Tianjin IoT Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, talks about the research being undertaken by the Academy and why communication is so vital to the success of the energy internet.

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