WattPark: Cash in on your energy!

WATTPARK offers a whole new way to charge your electric vehicle. WattPark is the first charging point for all...

2019 the year ahead

Smart Energy International presents you with a selection of predictions from some of the foremost industry thought leaders and influencers, each of...

The heart of your device

Many countries have started or are already in the middle of utility metering rollouts, and as such, this industry is now seeing...

Australian Utility Week wrap-up

2018 saw Australian Utility Week reaching a tipping point regarding its digital transformation theme. Emphasis was placed on providing utilities with the...
Siemens, blockchain technology

Bringing the blockchain microgrid to life

The pace of transformation in the energy system is almost overwhelming; however the blockchain microgrid has persisted as a focal point. Molly...
customer experience

Transforming the customer experience

For the sixth consecutive year, the utility industry in the US improved its overall customer satisfaction scores, according to last year’s J.D....
Pune Municipal Corporation

Why AMI is key to tackling South Africa’s water challenge

South Africa is a water scarce country, a reality brought to the fore by the spectre of ‘Day Zero’ in Cape Town,...
consumer confidence

Building consumer confidence-the most elusive concept in the energy industry

Consumer confidence in the energy industry is unlike utilities such as TV, broadband, or mobile phones. Consumers do not trust their energy utility.
smart meter projects

China in focus

For many years China’s focus has been squarely on industrialisation and economic development. The noticeable shift to a services-based economy has given rise to a diversified energy mix and emphasis on clean energy.
ICS, grid resilience

Why grid resilience is moving behind the meter

This article discusses the importance of grid resilience behind the meter, what resilience looks like to C&I energy consumers and how storage,...

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