Global overview of EV integration: Factors behind adoption

Despite emerging technologies and business models including the energy cloud and distributed energy resources disrupting utility operations, energy market intelligence firms are...
Australia EV

Australia lagging in the race to EVs, says top motoring body

The country’s National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA), says the country is amongst the lowest ranked amongst developing countries in terms of electric vehicle (EV) adoption, and has almost no infrastructure to support the technology.
home energy efficiency

Building consumer confidence-the most elusive concept in the energy industry

Consumer confidence in the energy industry is unlike utilities such as TV, broadband, or mobile phones. Consumers do not trust their energy utility.

Private, standard technology wireless mission-critical communications networks

For decades, critical infrastructure entities, such as utilities, have relied on their own telecommunications networks. These privately owned, privately maintained networks have...

All hands are needed on deck

All hands are needed on deck when it comes to the future power needs of the world. And all hands should be...

A driver for service delivery excellence

The question of service delivery in the global energy sector is a highly sensitive and widely debated topic that is not unique...

Sharing Cities: Europe’s smart city blueprint

As urbanisation continues to rise, so too does the impact of smart cities on how we develop new and retrofit existing infrastructure....
Smart Grid Communications

Interoperable communications will fan smart city growth

With the launch of the Wi-SUN Alliance’s Field Area Networks (FAN) certification, Smart Energy International spoke to Phil Beecher, president and CEO, to learn...
Utility cybersecurity

Cybersecurity vital to smart metering deployment

As adoption of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) becomes more widespread, its appeal to cyber attackers will undoubtedly increase, and addressing security vulnerabilities across layers – and by different stakeholders – must be taken into account from the outset.
smart city

The utility as a smart city enabler

With the changing nature of energy generation and the increasing number of distributed energy resources on the grid, utilities are understandably evaluating their position within the landscape to ensure their longevity and relevance.

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