Solar photovoltaics

Market snapshot: global gas metering

Overall, investment in smart gas metering will reach $3.2 billion per year in the next decade, writes Chris Testa, Research Director, Northeast Group

Two countries in one – the disparate state of water services...

Speakers at the 12th Annual Global Water Alliance Conference in Pennsylvania highlighted the realities of the US water industry.
big data

Feeding the big data and artificial intelligence ‘information-appetite’

The promise of big data and artificial intelligence is everywhere. writes Jon Wells, VP customer solutions, Networked Energy Services. One almost gets...
EV charging

Charging via the light brigade

At present, EV charging infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace. In the US, Electrify America is installing a unit at Walmart stores once every three days

A data-centric solution for GPS spoofing attacks in smart grid

GPS-dependent applications are being utilised widely in our everyday lives, writes Xiaoyuan Fan, Seemita Pal and Paul Skare
battery storage

Energy storage technology adoption in the US

Nicholas Nhede looks at the US energy storage market, factors impacting the industry and suggested measures to accelerate technology deployment

PacifiCorp’s smart meter rollout

Manager of Grid Solutions and AMI Operations for PacifiCorp about their smart meter rollout, meter temperature monitoring and plans for the future.

EVs on the grid – challenges and opportunities

Adam Pigott, engineering manager, Kinect Energy Group, discusses EV charging, its applications, challenges and opportunities for utilities.
Augmented reality

Augmented reality: Transformation in utility operations

This article looks at how Augmented reality In the utility space is bringing in actionable insights and values by providing real-time grid data

Preparing for Electrification – Doing it Right

UDI merhiv looks at the role of electrification on the global sustainability goals and in ensuring the stability of grid networks.

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