Stop buying analytics

David Socha takes a short break from discussing Digital Twins and returns to his core business of integrated data & analytics. As this month’s...

We want to interview you at #EUW18

Preparations are well underway for the most important networking event of the year. European Utility Week 2018 will take place in 3 weeks – between...
crowdfunding, smart grid technologies funding

Crowdfunding in the energy transition

A look at the most interesting successfully funded renewable energy projects which have utilised crowdfunding opportunities.

Ed’s note: How high does innovation rank as a priority in...

Despite being one of the most ‘disrupted’ industries globally,  the utility sector still has a fairly low ‘innovation score’, according to an article in...
Imatra Elekter

Imatra Elekter AS smart metering experience

The history of the use of smart meters in Estonia begins in 2007. After the acquisition of the electricity network from Fortum, it was...

Smart metering Ireland – what will they be doing differently?

Smart metering in Ireland is nothing new - one needs only recall the ill-fated Irish Water Project which met with mass protests, aggression towards...

Platforms, Platforms everywhere

David Socha discusses the proliferation of technology platforms across every aspect of IT, OT, data and analytics and considers the lack of a consistent...
Mobilité Electrique

Op Ed: EVs potential even beyond Elon Musk’s imagining

Elon Musk is the name that comes to mind when we talk about electric vehicles EVs. His level of self-belief is the stuff of legend....
digital twins

Digital Twins: the new Big Data?

In the first part of a three-part series, David Socha discusses the current hype around Digital Twins and begins to describe some examples of...
smart city

The future of the Energy Sector in the smart city realm

One of the most significant discussions for the smart city industry was the EUW panel interaction that took place during the Sustainable and Smart City track about business models for the energy sector. 

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