Ed’s note: The customer is king for some utilities

Customer service initiatives by utilities have achieved a level of importance and investment never before experienced, with emphasis being placed on ensuring consumers receive tangible...
PG&E, Malashenko

It’s all routine vegetation management – until PG&E goes bankrupt

The deadly 2018 wildfires, most likely caused by utility equipment, have just about bankrupted Pacific Gas and Electric

Ed’s note: Vegetation management – who is responsible anyway?

An article published by Electric Light & Power raises some interesting questions around vegetation management and the responsibility and liability of utilities...
digital, digitalisation

Top five tech trends for utilities in 2019

As we move into what will undoubtedly be another year of disruption and innovation in the energy sector, Graeme Wright, chief technology...

VIDEO: Suffering energy suppliers call for UK policy shake up

Exploring market conditions behind the closure of many UK energy suppliers, as well as the role of Ofgem

Ed’s note: Utility skills and employee disengagement

A report released today has highlighted a serious concern for utility companies globally. According to the authors, “95%...

Digital transformation puts clean energy goals within reach

Renewables—more than a passing trend In March 2017, power generated from the sun and the wind reached a significant...
Hard Brexit

The rising costs of Brexit

In the aftermath of the rejection of Teresa May's Brexit deal, we relook at the implications for the UK and European energy sectors. Impact on...

Ed’s note: The UK’s regulatory stew

Regulation of the energy sector is a complex and complicated endeavour, especially in the UK at the moment.

The critical focus areas for utility companies in 2019

By Tim Andrew, CEO and Co-founder at Localz and a network of partner contributors In 2018 we have seen a shift within the utilities...

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