AI systems

Asia Pacific: 2023 spending on AI systems to reach $21.4 billion

The Asia Pacific is expected to increase spending on AI systems by 39.6% per annum between 2018 and 2023

Mongolia secures ADB/World Bank support to build 10,000 new sustainable homes

The Municipality of Ulaanbaatar City in Mongolia has secured support from the ADB and the IFC to build 10,000 new energy-efficient homes.
trade wars

Energy transition: Trade conflicts hinder and a $2.4 trillion per year...

GWEC has organised and hosted the first Beijing Renewable Energy Investment Summit to discuss the impact of trade conflicts on the energy transition
Korea wind

Offshore majors partner for 500MW Korean floating wind project

WindPower Korea, EDP Renewables and Aker Solutions have formed a consortium with the ambition to develop an initial 500MW floating wind farm off the coast of Ulsan Metropolitan City in South Korea.
future energy nigeria

Indian Chamber of Commerce interview

“Indian utility vendors and services have forged good alliances at Future Energy Nigeria and they are exporting to Nigeria in decent quantum”

Indian state agencies enter 10-year deal to boosts EV adoption

EESL has signed a 10-year MoU with Punjab Telecom Circle to install and operate 100 electric vehicle charging stations in Punjab.
energy consumption

EIA projects nearly 50% increase in world energy usage by 2050

EIA projects that world energy consumption will grow by nearly 50% between 2018 and 2050.

India tech institutes enter multi-year R&D deals with global energy giant

ExxonMobil has signed deals with Indian Institutes of Technology in Madras and Bombay on research and development of lower-emissions energy technologies.

Joint venture to increase utility revenues by 1,1 billion Indian rupees

EESL and NIIF have partnered to install more than 25 crore smart electric meters and increase utility revenue by 1,104 billion across India.
distributed renewables

Ministry confident India will meet RE target, despite concerns

India may fall short of its declared renewable energy target of 175,000 MW by the year 2022.

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