Reforming the Australian energy sector

In order to enable consumers to have a clearer understanding of their energy consumption and better manage their demand, and to encourage active incentives...
Victoria grid

Victoria completes first two large-scale, grid-connected batteries

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has announced the first grid scale battery in Victoria has been officially commissioned in Ballarat.
ev chargers

Australia speeds ahead with rapid charging infrastructure

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers traveling between Australia’s major metropolis will soon be able to charge their vehicles in just 15 minutes, thanks to a...

US archipelago develops world’s largest microgrid

The Republic of Palau has signed a power purchase agreement with ENGIE for the development of a microgrid and supply of clean energy over...

Maximising AMI investment with data analytics

In 2010, Melbourne, Australia-based utility United Energy (UE) rolled out its AMI  programme to all of its 680,000 customers, utilising the Silver Spring Networks...
smart water metering market

Asia Pacific anticipates 30% growth in water AMI market

A 30% growth is anticipated in the smart water metering market in the Asia Pacific region between 2018 and 2024. Global Market Insights forecasts revenue...
energy efficiency

Ministers meet world energy leaders at Asia Pacific Summit

Government Ministers and energy sector leaders from around the Asia Pacific will meet at a Summit in Wellington later this month.
carbon neutral

Sydney Opera House declared carbon neutral

The famous Sydney Opera House in Australia has achieved certification as a carbon neutral organisation. This certification means that the Opera House can declare carbon neutrality...
distributed energy

Australia welcomes national register for distributed energy resources

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has ruled to establish a register of distributed energy resources in the national electricity market

Pricing ‘noise’ drowns out the Power of Choice model

In Australia, the Power of Choice regulation – a series of government-led industry-wide reforms to the way the National Electricity Market operates – set...

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