Few sectors of the European Energy Industry are changing as fast...

Biogas, synthetic gas, hydrogen and power-to-X technologies are taking the sector into exciting and uncharted waters – and that means someone needs to navigate and chart a course for the future - Kelvin Ross, editor of Power Engineering International
UK customer retention

New research shows how utility companies can beat the switch

UK’s bill payers are not as disloyal as the switching trend makes out - report
German onshore wind

Onshore wind farms? The Germans don’t mind theirs at all

The vast majority of German consumers don’t mind having a wind farm nearby – in fact, most hardly notice them at all, according to a new study
UK ev sales

UK electric and hybrid sales surge – but petrol still popular

UK sales of electric vehicles (EVs) surged in August, to a record 3.4% of market share, according to the latest figures from Britain’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Green Control talks trends and adapting to the energy transition

Kelvin Ross, editor of sister-publication Power Engineering International, spoke to Wael Al Shihabi, Managing Director of Green Control about agility and opportunity in the Asian energy transition.
battery storage

UK project to revolutionise the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries

The University of Warwick will research ways to make electrodes for Li-ion batteries which unlock the electrochemical potential of their ingredients.
Total offshore wind

Total to step into UK offshore wind, says CEO

Total is taking steps into the UK offshore wind market, according to CEO Patrick Pouyanne.
energy efficiency

Irish government to fund €25 million in energy efficiency upgrades

The Irish Government has announced €25 million in funding for home and business energy efficiency projects across Ireland.
ovo energy

ENGIE expands footprint in Africa’s off-grid business

ENGIE has acquired off-grid solar solution provider Mobisol to expand its decentralised energy offering in Africa.

One unified event for the power and energy sector

European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, a three-day event that spotlights every part of the energy ecosystem, is coming to Paris.

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