smart transformers

New report depicts global smart transformers market

A new report issued by Frost & Sullivan forecasts the global smart transformers market will reach $35.45 billion by 2022. In Europe alone, the market...
utility business

6 Ways IoT integration will impact utility business models

If you bet your business around natural resources, your costs will invariably go up over time. If you bet on technology, they will go...

Should government subsidise tariffs?

Cost-reflective tariffs are an on-going, much talked about topic but why do they continue to be problematic and what are the possible solutions? Daniel...

Report: 4 Priorities to accelerate energy transformation

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has outlined the innovation priorities needed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system. The Agency authored...

Global automated DR management system market expecting robust growth

The "Global Automated Demand Response Management Systems Market" report has been released and predicts robust growth during the period 2018 - 2023.
IoT predictions for 802.15.4 mesh chips, Norwegian wireless mesh solution in India

IoT predictions for 802.15.4 mesh chips

Market research firm ON World has released new findings highlighting that several segments in the IoT market are experiencing tremendous growth, including connected lighting,...

Webinar: V2G The Road to Resilience

Free webinar | Thursday, 06 September 2018 | 15h00CET   This topical webinar will explore the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the effects of...
utility theft

Utility theft costs Jamaican utilities $35 million a year

According to utilities on the island of Jamaica, they have lost more than $35 million to theft of electricity and equipment. In an online presentation...
storage, Pomona Energy Storage facility

The age of energy storage?

If Californian regulators give their approval, the site of a natural-gas power plant at Moss Landing, could be the site of the world’s largest...
earth overshoot

1 August: Earth overshoot day is here

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date in the year by when humanity will have consumed more from the planet than the planet’s ecosystems can renew in the entire year.

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