Inductive charging

Ed’s note: Inductive charging and the questions that still need to...

As the uptake of electric vehicles in Europe increases, authorities are considering alternative forms of charging infrastructure for these vehicles.
solar market

Decarbonisation and impacts solar market

Global Market Insights looks at how efforts by governments to meet decarbonisation and carbon emission reduction goals will impact on the solar market.

How will governments expand IoT utilities market

Global Market Insights anticipates the IoT utilities market to record $15 billion in revenue by 2024.
future cities

Future Cities Show concludes on a grand note

Smart cities will deploy a network of interactive sensors to achieve efficiency and innovation. Findings of a report by the International Data...
fuel cell vehicles

Global fuel cell vehicles market to reach $1.75 billion by 2025

Grand View Research forecast a 33.7% annual increase in investments towards the global fuel cell vehicles market. The research...
5G market

Factors behind the $277 billion global 5G market

A new report highlights the possibility of the global 5G market to expand by 111% between 2019 and 2025.

Diehl Metering’s smart contribution towards a sustainable energy supply

With the Paris Agreement on climate change, the international community of 195 countries set a legally binding target: Global warming is expected...
Utility survey

Survey: In order for utilities to go fully digital, utility suppliers...

A new international survey of 200 utility providers found that 65 percent lack timely, accurate information from their service providers that impacts outage management and customer service.
lithium battery

Graphene may be the solution to lithium battery fires

Whilst lithium batteries are driving progress in everything from electric vehicles, to mobile phones, grid-storage and umpteen other technologies, but they have a major shortfall. They’ve been known to spontaneously combust under not-so-extraordinary conditions, and when they burn, they burn or a while.
energy market

Blockchain in energy market to witness more than 50% growth from...

Global Market Insights forecast revenue generation within the market to hit $3 billion by 2025.

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