ExxonMobil on trial for climate fraud

New York has placed charges against ExxonMobil for defrauding investors about the impact the operations of the firm has on climate change.
US offshore wind

US DoE awards $28 million in funding for offshore wind research

The US Department of Energy has announced up to $28 million in funding for research and development of new offshore wind energy technologies.
Sempra, TenneT; EDSO; security; critical infrastructure

Security risk management considerations

Smart Energy International had the opportunity to speak with Eric Trapp, vice president, security and technology and chief security officer for Sempra...
wind facility

Walmart strengthens cooperation with ENGIE to meet 2025 clean energy goal

ENGIE to supply 366MW of clean energy to Walmart to bring Walmart and ENGIE’s collaboration to more than 500MW of wind power in the US.

Itron Utility Week 2019 Wrap Up

Tom Deitrich, CEO of Itron, reflects back on some of the highlights from this year's Itron Utility week and announces the 2020 event location!

Talking Innovation with Itron

Roberto Aiello, Senior Public Relations Manager at Itron, discusses the need for constant innovation and the projects being incubated at the Itron Innovation Lab.

Network utilization: Are utilities making the most of their networks?

Mark Serres, Chief Technology Officer at Utility Systems Science & Software, talks to us at Itron Utility Week about the opportunities for utilities to harness the full potential of their networks as we move towards truly smart cities.
self-driving vehicles

Consumer confidence in autonomous vehicles remain low, despite tech innovations

J.D Power has released the results of a study conducted to understand consumer sentiments about self-driving vehicles.
summer heat

How do power grids beat the summer heat?

In the searing heart of summer, when blazing days stack end on end and the air hangs heavy and still, the power...
hvac systems

NYSERDA announces $4 million in funding for innovative HVAC systems

NYSERDA has announced up to $4 million in funding for research and development of innovative HVAC systems for buildings.

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