North Carolina

North Carolina Cooperatives select partner for demand management project

North Carolina Electric Cooperatives selected Franklin Energy to manage their expanded demand response project.
Michael Bloomberg

Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg to electrify all US cars by 2035

Michael Bloomberg has promised to ensure that all new cars sold in the country would be electric by 2035 should he win the next election.
new york

New York invests an additional $2 billion to combat climate change

The New York state government has announced an additional $2 billion in energy efficiency and building electrification programmes.
public safety

Second “Public safety solution” award for Itron

Itron has won, for the second consecutive year, the “Public Safety Solution of the Year” Award, part of the 2020 IoT Breakthrough Awards Programme.
renewable energy capacity

US remains on China’s heels in the race to sustainability

Overall renewable energy capacity investment figures for 2019 saw wind (onshore and offshore) beat solar on with $138.2 billion globally
washington state

Washington state Senate vote in favour of national EV programme

In Washington State, the Senate has voted in favour of the national Zero Emissions Vehicle programme .
lithium iron phosphate

Longest life, lowest power loss lithium battery unveiled

Humless has announced its new lithium iron phosphate battery which they claim offers the longest life and minimum power loss than batteries on the market

Solar firm Altus Power gets $850 million in recapitalisation from Blackstone

Altus Power has announced that Blackstone has led a recapitalisation with $850 million of funded and committed capital to refinance its existing capital structure

PepsiCo announces 2020 renewables-only goal for US operations

PepsiCo, Inc. has announced plans to achieve 100% renewable electricity for its US direct operations this year.

Dominion awarded for outstanding power restoration in Dorian’s wake

Dominion Energy has been recognised by the Edison Electric Institute for outstanding power restoration after Hurricane Dorian.

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