Renewable Energy

New and analysis of the rise of Renewable Energy resources, which has a significant impact on the performance and reliability of electricity grids. The integration of renewable energy into electric power systems around the world is a major trend as they must connect to existing transmission grids at a range of voltage levels. Renewable Energy resources include solar, wind power, hydroelectric energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, biomass, geothermal power and other forms of energy such as tides and hot hydrogen fusion.

energy efficiency

New whitepaper helps amend efficiency and renewables in new building energy...

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has issued a new whitepaper to help states to adopt and amend efficiency and...
solar pv services

Global solar PV services market to record 6% growth

Technavio forecasts revenue generation within the global solar pv services market to reach $10.81 billion by 2030
Offshore wind

German offshore wind player EnBW opens US office

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop welcomed EnBW North America to New Jersey state in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. New Jersey Economic Development Authority senior vice president Brian Sabina and others gathered to officially open the German subsidiary’s first U.S. office and marking its entrance into the competitive New Jersey/New York offshore wind market.

20 MW of community solar available to Xcel customers in Minnesota

CleanChoice Energy on Thursday said it was opening an additional 20.51 MW of community solar capacity for residential customers of Xcel. The new capacity is being supplied by fifteen solar farms owned and operated by AltusPower America in various locations in Minnesota.
Octopus Energy

Enel Green Power North America signs 20 year PPA

Enel Green Power North America announced that it has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) between its subsidiary White Cloud Wind Project, LLC and Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. (AECI), a power utility based in Springfield, Missouri.

Malaysia – renewables replacing nuclear, but coal still on the cards

Malaysia will continue to embrace and develop thermal power capacity for the next decade and beyond, which will see an increase of 5 GW of coal and gas capacity.
vanadium redox-flow

South Australia moves to vanadium redox-flow storage as base technology

A new energy storage system will be built to offer multiple grid services such as voltage compensation, reactive power, frequency regulation services...

Where two of the world’s biggest utilities are investing

We look at the world’s top utility companies and how they have invested in the top technologies or business cases in the energy transition.

Siemens pilots VPP technology in Finland

Siemens, which is currently selling off the majority share in its Energy, Gas and renewables businesses is piloting a virtual power plant in Finland in an effort to help balance the grid, and expand the potential for sustainable energy in the country.
nova innovation

EU project uses AI to boost turbine performance and efficiency

A major new European tidal energy project will use artificial intelligence (AI) to help improve turbine performance and acceleration the commercialisation of tidal power.

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