Data-driven Pioneers: Accelerating digital transformation

2019 was a year of change for utilities. In this video Greenbird CEO, Thorsten Heller takes a look at some of the biggest trends both for retailers and DSOs in the energy sector.

Shipping Goes Green: Unexpected sources of CO2 emissions in e-commerce

E-commerce and concerns about climate change come together in conversations about shipping and delivery services.
natural disasters

Technology: Utilities’ edge in combating natural disasters

America sits alongside China and India in suffering the greatest number of natural disasters globally between 1995 and 2015, according to the United Nations
business model

New nuclear, new business model

Neil Cornelius makes the case for a nuclear power generator with regulated returns.

From refugee to senior engineer

Biniam Haddish is a former refugee from Eritrea in East Africa who now holds a senior position at National Grid Energy System Operator in the UK. He tells us his story.

Security risk management considerations

Eric Trapp, vice president, security and technology, and chief security officer, for Sempra Energy about cybersecurity and security risk management.
supply chain

Interconnected world highlights supply chain concerns

EPRI's Tobias Whitney speaks about all things cyber but specifically the supply chain and the increasing interconnectedness of … well … everything.

How CHP based on gas turbines feat with the 3Ds of...

Gabriel Diaz, Global Connectivity Manager at Solar Turbines, explains how cogeneration made with gas turbines fit into a sustainable vision.

Ed’s note: Rethinking investment

This week our editor touches on another that is less tangible, but perhaps as, or even more, powerful. The role of activists.

Capgemini discusses the World Energy Markets Observatory 2019

Phillippe Vié, Global Head of Energy, Utilities and Chemicals at Capgemini speaks about the World Energy Markets Observatory 2019

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