“Technology knows no borders”

Eric Dresselhuys, President of Smart Energy Water, discusses the pace of change in the global energy transition

Flexibility in the new energy world

Eliano Russo, Head of E-Industries at Enel X, discusses how business models for utilities are changing as customers expect flexibility in their choices

A surge in wave energy activities is expected in 2020

OES is predicting strong advances in ocean energy in 2020, driven by public and private sector funding.

Fibre opportunities for power utilities

She explains the different business models, and some of the successes linked to fibre for the energy sector - both in Europe and emerging markets, and also shares the invaluable lessons Nokia has learned in their fibre deployment projects.

“Consumers don’t care about energy, they care about value”

Luís Vale Cunha, Director for European Affairs at EDP Distribuição, says that "consumers don't care about energy, they care about value".

Investing in energy start-ups

Noortje van Heijst, Startup Investment Consultant at Energy Investment Management, discusses how to encourage investment in energy start-ups

Industry standards pave the way for secure investments

Christos Aslanidis talks about the role of standards in the smart grid market, and how these enable secure investment into technology.

Is decarbonisation possible in urban areas?

Gudrun Senk, Head of Asset Development at Wien Energie GmbH, discusses whether it is possible for urban areas with high energy density to achieve decarbonisation.
smart streetlights

The urban trend of smart streetlights

smart city development has become a truly global market, with significant activity in all regions and most countries, according to Navigant Research’s...

Energy System Integration – what, why and where…

Madeleine McPherson, Assistant Professor from the University of Victoria in Canada speaks about Energy Systems Integration - what is it, why is it important and how will it benefit utilities, consumers and the environment?

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