smart city

The transition into smart operations

This article looks at the smart city industry with a specific focus on North America, the factors driving adoption of technologies and...
energy storage

Ed’s note: Storage – big, bigger and most innovative

Our most read stories in the last couple of weeks have centred around storage and electric vehicles. As readers of this newsletter...
Free Electrons

Free Electrons from The Inside (What the Program has taught...

The Free Electrons program has been a transformative experience for Greenbird. Our company offers out-of-the-box data integrations and data flow management for utilities, so our core customers are in this industry sector.
Greenbird Integration Technologies

Hidden data trapped in the low voltage grid to be revealed...

A new partnership between Norwegian technology company, Greenbird IT and French data analytics company, Odit-e will enable utility companies to access previously hidden information from the Low Voltage grid.
Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance

Industrial efficiency strategies vary but the goal remains the same

It’s no secret that global energy demand continues to rise, with some estimating an increase of a third by 2040. 

Countries leading the transition to Electric vehicles

According to a recent post by the World Economic Forum, Norway is leading the charge to electric vehicles, where almost half of all vehicle sales were electric or hybrid-powered in 2018.
Smart Street

Street lighting – illuminating smart cities and society

If the term “smart” were to be used in its purest sense, smart street lighting has been around for a millennium – starting with a very human face. Until the 20th century, it was human beings that managed lighting, setting about each evening and morning to turn lamps on and off, and maintaining this early part of what would form a vital part of what was to become the electricity grid.
water management

World water day: Using IoT to manage water

The world today has countless global threats and challenges and so has the global water industry. There are many agents that are...

New e-book highlights benefits of digitisation on smart city and industry...

Black & Veatch has issued a new electronic book to help industry stakeholders improve their operations through digitisation.

Trends behind anticipated $300+ billion cybersecurity market

Leading technology companies in the world have experienced and countered cyber-attacks since the advent of the internet, eventually leading to the inception...

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