Landis+Gyr at European Utility Week 2019

Chrystelle Muratel, vice president of marketing and communications in the EMEA at Landis+Gyr speaks about how the 3D’s are causing a lot challenges for utilities at the same time helping them to improve customer engagement and grid transparency.
smart meter rollout

The seven key benefits of SMETS smart meters

We spoke with Oliver Archer, an analyst at Cornwall Insight, regarding the benefits of SMETS smart meters and this what he had to say:
Smart meter rollout

Ed’s note: The soap opera that is the UK smart meter...

The UK smart meter rollout started with high hopes in 2016 but was soon plagued by delays, technology malfunctions and other barriers.

Four Thanksgiving tips for power utilities

How digital integration can be better than Thanksgiving. Here’s a fun power utility Thanksgiving fact: it will take 113,500 wind turbines an...

Five ways 5G will change your life

5G is going to be incredible. But what if you want your business to be incredible right now? With Nokia Private Wireless, you can have an amazing now.

The Lora Alliance – current and future initiatives

Richard Stamvik shares the verticals the Lora Alliance are focussing on - and it’s more than just utilities.

Is solar energy viable without subsidies?

James Sibony, CEO of Esparity Solar, discusses the European solar energy market, particularly in Spain.

Lessons learned in decentralised energy trading

A P2P trading platform started three year's ago, representing the first-ever decentralised wholesale trade platform.

How the drive towards decarbonisation is changing business models

ENGIE's Anne-Laure de Chammard discusses how the worldwide push for decarbonisation is forcing energy providers to change their business models.

The role of hydrogen in the energy transition

Kevin O’Donovan chats with Willi Meixner, CEO of Power Generation Operations at Siemens Gas and Power during the 24th World Energy Congress...

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