onsite distributed energy

New report reveals corporate strategies for onsite distributed energy

A new report analyses the different approaches being implemented by corporates in adopting onsite distributed energy resources.
smart meter data

Top use cases for smart meter data insights

A study conducted to understand how utilities are leveraging smart meter data to optimise their operations has been released

Omexom: enhancing the performance of utility infrastructures

Fires were most likely started by the Utility infrastructures, including toppled power lines due to strong winds and vegetation on electrical lines.

Ohio’s energy transition is faster than the national average. Here’s why.

The Consumer Energy Alliance has released a brief analysing energy decarbonisation and transition rates across the US state of Ohio.
water metering

Water metering market to generate $6.7 billion per annum

The global water metering market is expected to increase its annual revenue from $4.4 billion in 2019 to $6.7 billion in 2028, according to Northeast Group.
BREXIT, smart meter

A smart meter every 7 to equip 85% of UK consumers...

The UK needs to install a smart meter every seven seconds to reach 85% of UK 2024 installation target, according to Cornwall Insight.
energy sector

Smarter grid solutions overview

This article looks at today's smart grid market and what can they offer you? We give you a quick overview of what smarter grid solutions are all about.
SAP For Utilities

Utilities industry survey results: Digital challenges, big data opportunities

It’s not easy being a utility these days. Customers are demanding consumer-grade experiences from their providers across a multitude of digital channels....
energy management

Home energy management evolves as tools and customer expectations change

Global home energy management revenue is expected to grow from nearly $4.4 billion in 2019 to more $12 billion in 2028.
EV charging points

EVs on track to pass National Grid’s consumer evolution projections

Cornwall Insight says UK's current pace of battery electric vehicles registrations is set to surpass National Grid’s Consumer Evolution projections.

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