Solar micro-grids and energy access in Myanmar

Villages in Myanmar are taking electricity generation into their own hands, turning to solar micro-grids to power their homes.
machine learning

TEPCO trials AI for predictive maintenance

AI and big data analytics will help Japan’s largest utility carry out maintenance of their infrastructure, reveals Innovation General Manager at TEPCO.
taiwan minister

Taiwan: ‘Anarchist’ minister wants an AI-powered government

If you were to choose a job suited for an anarchist, government minister wouldn’t spring to mind. But Audrey Tang takes a...

The value of solar data services for low voltage network operations

The IEEE Smart Grid will host a webinar on the utilisation of solar forecasting data for proactive management of low voltage (LV) networks.

Power over ethernet solutions market to reach $$ 2 billion by...

Power over ethernet solutions market is set to grow from its current market was valued at over $700 million in 2018 to $2 billion by 2025,
fuel cells

Activity of fuel cell catalysts doubled

An interdisciplinary research team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has built platinum nanoparticles for catalysis in fuel cells:
critical infrastructure skills

Are cybersecurity professionals in Africa fast enough to beat cybercriminals

This article looks at how many security experts are warning us that the African soil is the next big target for cybercriminals.

The Energy Transition Technology Chat – Episode 3: Tech driving transition

In this episode in our series of Energy Transition Chat videos, Kevin O'Donovan spoke with Bart Majewski, Founder and CEO of Codibly, to have a chat on developing software for the Energy Transition.
dirty data

Data hygiene: the real cost of dirty data and 5 tips...

Now, as primary data custodians for our respective organizations, we still need to keep it clean.
solar consumer

SECC highlights consumer interests on technologies disrupting the energy industry

SECC has issued a new whitepaper highlighting consumer interest in smart homes, renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy efficiency.

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