Security – GDPR, defence and attacks – and their impact on...

GDPR - how has it impacted your business, how is it affecting data protection and how are utilities securing their systems, equipment and consumers?

The energy industry needs more leadership

Kevin O'Donovan discusses the pace of the energy transition, decarbonisation, new technology, and the big trends in the energy industry.

Leading through the energy revolution

Frauke Thies, Executive Director, Smart Energy Europe reveals her leadership style, valuable lessons learned and vision for the sector.

Unlocking the potential of digital solutions for utilities

Anja Langer Jacquin of DEPsys outlines the challenges facing utilities, how consumers and regulators are affecting these challenges

Get someone to hack your system – its the best way...

A white hat hacker shares why he was requested to hack a utility’s system and the lessons we can all learn from his experience.

Shifting trends in energy project financing

Janet Wood, Editor of New Power magazine, discusses how the shift to distributed generation has effected energy project financing models.


How energy cooperatives can disrupt traditional models

Roland Tual, Project Manager at REScoop EU, discusses how energy cooperatives can disrupt traditional models in Europe. He explains...
energy saving

Energy-saving tips for small businesses

The best energy-saving tips for small businesses is to switch off all electronics which are not in use. To go green invests in alternative energy sources.

The changing face of energy infrastructure

CISCO's Jeff Lund discusses how security is a key consideration in a world of interconnected devices

“Technology knows no borders”

Eric Dresselhuys, President of Smart Energy Water, discusses the pace of change in the global energy transition

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