Live recording – Q&A: Smart Cities and the utilities that enable...

Your questions during our “Smart Cities and the utilities that power them” webinar deserved more than a 30 second answer – they held potential for high-value insights that deserved a session on its own.

Eliminate unforced errors with intelligent pipeline monitoring

An intelligent pipeline monitoring system would continuously look for patterns and be able to trigger an action as soon as it sees a known set of events that are likely to lead to a failure in the pipeline network.
Greenbird Integration Technologies

Insights: Dancing with elephants

We all know it and are part of it: The energy system is changing rapidly. Digitalization is advancing at incredible speed. Renewables, electrification of transportation and market deregulation are bringing enormous changes to the sector and are leading to the emergence of disruptive business models. We are seeing new players suddenly appear and gain huge traction.
Tesla Maxwell

Tesla acquisition will spark shift in EV market

One of the most game-changing news events in the EV industry has been the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies for $218 million by Tesla
EV Fleets

Fleets could lead the UK’s electric vehicle roll-out

Fleets are an essential part of the transport industry, with approximately 5 million fleet vehicles on UK roads, but there's a general absence of clear, direct policy for encouraging fleets to adopt electric vehicles (EVs).
grid services

Facts behind $140 billion global power distribution component market

According to Global Market Insights Inc, the power distribution component market is forecast to increase by 6% over 2019-2025.

Itron CEO shares insights on the future of utilities

Itron CEO Phil Mezey joined us at DistribuTECH 2019, and gave us his insight on the trends impacting the utility sector

In 2019, be like the Pig!

Whilst the Chinese Year of the Pig began, David Socha takes a light-hearted look at how our industry might find some inspiration...

SECC: Know what your consumers want

Patty Durand, President of the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative, shared some thoughts on why utilities should be paying attention to what consumers want, what their attitudes toward energy are and what really matters to them.

Ed’s note: The customer is king for some utilities

Customer service initiatives by utilities have achieved a level of importance and investment never before experienced, with emphasis being placed on ensuring consumers receive tangible...

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