Greenbird Boardvideo

Interview with Greenbird Board Members

Greenbird’s Board of Directors video features members of our Board, providing an opportunity for our shareholders, customers, partners and employees to get to know our directors.

What is a smart metering solution fit for the African market?

Representatives from metering company Conlog speaks on the need for robust, safe and secure smart metering technology that is appropriate for the...
Initiate! Africavideo

The importance of innovation and collaboration in accelerating Africa’s energy transition

Smart Energy International’s editor, Claire Volkwyn spoke with Gamuchirai Mutezo, and Shawn Alimohammadi, two if the participants in the inaugural Initiate! challenge on the continent, about the change in their perspective and outlook since participating in the programme, and the importance of shared knowledge in building an accelerated, sustainable future for Africa’s energy sector.

Ghana’s masterplan for a secure energy transition

Smart Energy International’s Media Director, Ross Hastie spoke to representatives from ICF about the master-plan for Ghana's energy future, and the ICF's role in facilitating and supporting the country’s power sector model.

Highlights of Itron Utility Week 2018

Smart Energy International partnered with Itron as part of Itron Utility Week 2018, which brought together the best in the smart energy community.

Wi-SUN brings secure open-standard communications to China’s smart energy market

Smart Energy International’s Errol Bryce was at Chinese Utility Week and met with Phil Beecher, chairman of global communications protocol Wi-SUN Alliance, which supports critical infrastructure networks.

Start-ups need agile, fast strategies, not just funding

Smart Energy International's Errol Bryce met with Mr. William Feng, board member and angel investor at Vertech Capital. The company offers strategic and financial services to tech start-ups iin sectors like blockchain, AI, robotics, new energy and emerging technologies in the APAC, South East Asia and Europe.

Lowan technologies touch millions of lives thanks to smart city, smart...

Smart Energy International's Errol Bryce spoke to Jason Wang, chief marketing officer of Lowan, a major Chinese IoT and grid communications solutions company. Lowan produce IoT solutions for industries including smart energy, smart cities, smart security and others.

The changing shape of the Chinese smart energy landscape

Smart Energy International’s Errol Bryce spoke to Mr. Liu, vice president and chief marketing officer, Tellhow, about their focus on renewables integration, and the challenges and opportunities facing the country.

Power plant emissions are being measured – from space

A new initiative has been launched that will use satellite imaging to measure carbon emissions from large power plant all over the world.

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