Itron Utility Week 2019 Wrap Up

Tom Deitrich, CEO of Itron, reflects back on some of the highlights from this year's Itron Utility week and announces the 2020 event location!

Talking Innovation with Itron

Roberto Aiello, Senior Public Relations Manager at Itron, discusses the need for constant innovation and the projects being incubated at the Itron Innovation Lab.

Network utilization: Are utilities making the most of their networks?

Mark Serres, Chief Technology Officer at Utility Systems Science & Software, talks to us at Itron Utility Week about the opportunities for utilities to harness the full potential of their networks as we move towards truly smart cities.

What is the La Fleuriaye Smile project

The role of partnerships towards a successful smart grid project rollout in the biggest positive energy district in France.

Talking bidirectional reliability with Sentient Energy

Giri Iyer, Global Business Development Leader from Sentient Energy, discusses the rapid evolution in the deployment of DERs and how innovative solutions are required for the bidirectional grid.

Talking artificial intelligence and smart cities

Mike Beehler, a speaker at Itron Utility Week 2019 and the Chief Opportunity Officer at Mike Beehler & Associates, joins us for a discussion about smart cities and the impact artificial intelligence will have on the utility sector in the future.

Getting to Yes: How utilities can secure regulatory approval with NARUC

Nick Wagner, President of NARUC, discusses energy planning and AMI infrastructure and how NARUC helps states create roadmaps for their grid modernization projects.

Harnessing IoT networks to add value to utilities

Craig Baldwin, Partnership Director at Losant, discusses how new technology beyond the meter can be harnessed along with IoT networks to add...

Privacy and Cybersecurity in the utility industry

Reena Bajowala, Partner at Ice Miller speaks about the challenges of managing customer privacy concerns. Consumers are more...

Itron CEO discusses the opportunities and challenges facing utilities

The CEO of Itron shares his vision for the future of the industry-leading company and discusses the opportunities and challenges facing utilities

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