Operationalising the Smart Grid

Smart grid deployments are high profile missions. Countries and DSOs initiating a smart grid project gain international recognition and, with...
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Five key interests of energy consumers

The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) has announced the publication of the 2019 State of the Consumer report, an analysis of five research studies that provides an up-to-date look at major trends regarding...

New report reveals corporate big spender’s sustainability plans

A new report has been released to highlight progress made by corporates on energy and sustainability

Energy Applications Platform

Time may be running out for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to establish smart grid solutions that will grow with their business. A...
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Here’s how corporate US is driving the renewable revolution

A recent report by a US-based research firm has added evidence of corporations taking a prominent role in the growth of the renewables market.
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Research tracks progress of enterprise energy management programmes

Schneider Electric has released its 2019 Corporate Energy & Sustainability Progress Report.

Report: Digitising business operations can save 80% CapEx costs

A new study reveals tangible benefits for businesses when they lead with digital transformation

New report explores the global wireless gas detectors market

Frost & Sullivan has issued a new report analysing the global wireless gas detectors market.
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DER marketplace will be the YouTube of energy

Black & Veatch has issued a new report analysing the smart grid market and how distributed energy resources (DER) are impacting utility...

Engaging with the most valuable segment of the US electricity consumer...

US-based electricity providers have had the vision to become more consumer-focussed in their offerings and operations, however, this more customer-centric approach hasn’t been felt...

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