smart streetlight market

Global smart streetlight market to record $675 million growth

The global smart streetlight market will record more than 28% annual increase between 2018 and 2023 - report
sustainability report

Businesses double sustainability focus, consumers blame costs – report

Deloitte has published a new report looking at the interest of both residential and business consumers to invest in sustainable technologies and practices.
gas-fired power generation

Factors behind 3% growth in natural gas-fired power generation

The global natural gas-fired power generation market will record a 3% growth between 2019 and 2023 - report

Technologies transforming $1,3 billion building and homes market

A new report analyses the global homes and buildings industry and the role new technologies have on the market.
renewable energy market

Renewable energy market employs 11 million in 2018 – IRENA

Eleven million people were employed in renewable energy worldwide in 2018 - IRENA
plug-in hybrid vehicles

Sales rise, market share drops, no future for plug-in hybrid vehicles

Although the sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles have been rising, their market share has been dropping since 2013 - report
interconnected solar

FPL named second out of 500 for interconnected solar

SEPA has named FPL a leader for operating approximately 1,250MW of universal solar capacity comprised of 18 solar power plants

Decarbonising buildings, transportation and electricity generation from 1990 levels

The Clean Energy Transition Institute has issued a new report with recommendations on how US states can achieve clean transportation and energy goals
customer experience analyst

New study reveals $117 million customer experience analytics market

The global market for customer experience analytics will grow from $53 million in 2019 to $117 million in 2028 - report

New whitepaper explores the benefits of electrification for rural co-ops

EESI has released a new report exploring how electrification is helping rural electric cooperatives to decarbonise their power grid. 

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