Global electrification goals to drive microgrid market

The microgrid market is expected to reach $19 billion by 2024, nearly five times the original valuation of this business space in 2016.
zero energy

New report discusses zero energy homes market in the US

Rocky Mountain Institute has issued a new report on the zero-energy or zero-energy ready home market in the US. The reports aims to highlight methods...
multifamily housing

New report explores smart home tech adoption in multifamily households

A new report examines the business case for smart home technologies in multifamily housing.
renewable energy market

New whitepaper highlights key enablers of renewables market

Advisory firm Deloitte has issued a new report on the global renewable energy market. The report Global Renewable Energy Trends looks at the direction that...

Itron Report Reveals Current State of International Resourcefulness

Analysis of International Energy and Water Trends Uncovers Consumer and Utility Executive Perspectives and Practices Sourced From More Than 2,000 Respondents From 10 Countries
energy data

What consumers want from energy usage data

The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative released a new report which reveals what residential consumers want to know from their electricity providers about the energy usage data.

Enel whitepaper highlights role of electricity towards sustainability goals

Enel and the European House Ambrosetti have issued a whitepaper on the role of electricity in achieving Italy's sustainability goals. According to the study: Electricity represents...
utility demand response

SEPA issues 2018 utility demand response snapshot

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has issued a whitepaper analysing the 2018 utility demand response market. The whitepaper was compiled in partnership with Navigant...
distributed energy resources

Utilities increasingly forced to invest in DER management, IDC report

Utilities are being forced to look at investments in distributed energy resource management systems maintain system reliability and meet growing demands
sustainability report

American Electric Power issues 2018 sustainability report

American Electric Power has released its 2018 environmental, social, governance and sustainability report. Brian X. Tierney, AEP executive vice president, said: "As the demand for...

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