5 million EVs already on global roads – report

Global EV adoption is accelerating says a new report by data and analytics firm GlobalData, with 5 million battery-powered vehicles on the world’s roads
g20 decarbonisation

Canada, Australia and South Korea furthest off track says G20 climate...

The Climate Transparency partnership has released the findings of a study conducted to understand measures put in place by G20 countries to mitigate climate change.
New Zealand

Louisiana reduces carbon emissions by 66%, despite 8th position in energy...

Greenhouse gas emissions in Louisiana have fallen by 66% since 1990, despite an increase in energy demand and production
gas utilities

Global leading gas utilities revealed, market worth $288 billion by 2023

Technavio has released a new study which analyses the global gas utilities market between 2019 and 2023.

Solar generation, consumer savings and feeding the grid

Sense has released the results of a study conducted consumer savings from solar investments in the US.
distributed energy storage

Global annual capacity for distributed energy storage to expand by almost...

A new study analysing the global market for distributed energy storage systems between 2019 and 2028 released.

Colorado to achieve 15% rate decrease and $700 million in annual...

A new study which identifies measures to help the US state of Colorado to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonisation of energy networks released.

Global banking sector failing climate emergency

BCAM has released a new report which analyses the impact which operations by the banking sector has on the environment.
energy demand

Climate goals at risk as global energy demand rises – Capgemini

Capgemini releases World Energy Markets Observatory report 2019.
cloud software

Desire to boost customer experience drives utilities to use cloud

Oracle utilities has released the results of a study conducted to understand the rate at which utilities are adopting cloud software.

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