Pennsylvania reduces emissions by 92%, expands energy production 11 times

The results of a study conducted to understand gas emissions and the impact of measures deployed in Pennsylvania to address climate change released.
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Virginia: New processes helps industrial sector reduce energy use by 20%

New processes and technologies have helped the industrial sector in Virginia to advance and improve energy efficiency - Consumer Energy Alliance.
Wind energy

US wind blows past 100GW mark – AWEA

There are now more than 100GW of wind energy farms operating across the US, enough to power 32 million American homes - American Wind Energy Association

How will novel product launches and expansion tactics drive offshore wind...

Offshore wind cable market has been traversing alongside a highly lucrative growth path since the last decade, being majorly driven by factors such as surging adoption of renewable energy.

US annual wind operations and maintenance spending to reach $7.5 billion

The US is expected to increase its spending on the operations and maintenance of wind energy infrastructure by 50% per annum between 2018 and 2030.
lighting systems

Annual revenue for connected lighting systems to reach $6 billion

The global annual revenue for connected lighting systems will increase by 17.6% between 2019 and 2028
battery technologies

Battery technology improvements outpacing forecasts

A new study has been released which investigates the pace at which battery technologies are being revolutionised and their role in the energy transition.
electric mobility

Enel X and Nuvve top Electric Mobility Service leaderboard

Navigant Research has published its Leaderboard report which reveals leading electric mobility service providers.
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AMI Penetration and communication protocols

The penetration of AMI meters, the different communication protocols used in various regions, reasons for their adoption and some of the challenges being faced in adopting the standards.
cyber threats

Are utilities keeping up with cyber threats?

A new report details the industry’s vulnerability to cyber risk and its readiness to address them

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