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Shared data will ‘change the energy market’ says blockchain expert JoJo...

“If the first energy revolution was clean energy, the second energy revolution is shared data structures that anyone can build-out on top of,” she told me in an interview.

EDF Energy co-develops integrated smart home and health care technology

EDF Energy and technology startup Howz have partnered to help the elderly and those in need of special care to live independently for longer.
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Free Electrons

It’s broadly acknowledged that the digitalisation of the modern electricity grid has brought about the most exciting and far-reaching innovations the industry has ever...
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Enel presents innovation-driven 2019-2021 strategic plan

The utility says its strategic plan is sustainable and innovation-driven, has customers as its core and will help maximise the opportunities created by the...
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Enel named amongst the top 12 corporate startup stars

Enel has been recognised as one of the world’s most active companies in the open innovation field.

UK utility launches Silicon Valley Venture capital arm

National Grid has launched its Silicon Valley Venture capital arm. The aim is to speed up the energy transition by investing in new and innovative...


As the utility industry continues to be disrupted by changing business models and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and distributed energy resources,...

Applying blockchain technology to electric power systems

A blockchain is a way to record and verify transactions without requiring a central entity to maintain or validate the ledger. Its most popular...

The building blocks of energy tokenisation

On 22nd May 2010 the first Bitcoin transaction occurred when Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer from Florida, bought a $25 pizza with 10.000 Bitcoins.This proved...
energy market

Blockchain spending to reach $10.6 billion by 2023

According to ABI Research, the application of blockchain in all sectors will generate up to $10.6 billion by 2023. Following the success of the technology...

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