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Global Smart Energy Elites 2019

Get your personal copy today! Decentralisation and renewable technologies, combined with digital and communication models, are enabling society to shift towards a sustainable future. This edition...
Renewables funding

EU bank approves €8.1 billion for renewables, climate action, sustainability

This includes support for large and small-scale renewable energy projects, for the development of electric vehicles, and for improving the energy efficiency of homes. EIB financing will also help to build water infrastructure and rural roads in developing countries impacted by a changing climate.
leading renewables

Revealed: the countries leading the way in renewable energy

Countries worldwide face increasing pressure to reduce the ecological imprint they leave on the planet, slow down climate change, and protect the environment for future generations. Emphasis has been placed on the importance of transitioning to using renewables, but which is leading the way?

ComEd recognised for sustained reliability

ComEd’s investments in the electric grid have been recognised, along with the work of its 6,000 employees, for improving reliability by 60%.
Green Deal

Green Deal set to make Europe the first decarbonised continent

The EU Green Deal – a roadmap for making the EU's economy sustainable by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities released.

What are the main challenges of smart metering today?

Victor Dominguez Richards, CEO of Arkossa, spoke to Smart Energy International about the main challenges of smart metering today

Iberdrola joins the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)

Iberdrola has joined the European Network for Cyber Security
decarbonisation targets

EU cities commit to exceed climate, decarbonisation targets

27 global cities have signed agreements to match or exceed EU climate change-related emissions targets.

Are we doing enough to drive the energy transition? – Siemens...

Kevin O'Donovan met up with Siemens' CEO Smart Infrastructure, Cedrik Neike during European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe in Paris.
Drax group

The world’s first utility to become carbon negative by 2030

Drax Group is the first company in the world to announce an ambition to become carbon negative. Drax CEO Will Gardiner made the announcement today.

Ed’s note: Is the nationalisation of UK utilities on the horizon?

It has been suggested that should the British Labour (predominantly Social) party win the elections set for Thursday 12 December, one of their first actions will be to nationalise utilities - power, water, gas, mail, broadband - reverting ownership to the British government.

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