Revenue Assurance and Loss Reduction for Energy and Utilities Masterclass 2020

Date: 10 – 14 February 2020

Location: Singapore


This 5-day program taking place in Singapore from 10 – 14 February 2020, will successfully train decision makers, managers and engineers of the metering, transmission, distribution, billing & collection and commercial departments and all utility engineers responsible for loss reduction to successfully plan and manage projects for revenue assurance & protection whilst mitigating & managing the risks of revenue leakage and non-technical/technical losses.This masterclass aims to ensure airtight operational performance, through strategies focused on identifying, quantifying and minimising leakages, losses and risks within your organisation. Learn how to Detect and manage tampering, theft and fraud prevention methods, as well as mitigating the threat of technical and non-technical losses will also be covered in detail. The program will empower participants with the tools to mitigate regulatory frameworks, which can impact on smart meter roll outs and provide a unique perspective on managing data to optimise competitive edge and customer experience.

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