50 Key IT players in energy


Energy consultancy RaderEnergy has announced the award-winners of its ‘50 Key Information Technology Players in Energy’ awards. They include Dr James Blake and Dr Farnoosh Rahmatian of NxtPhase Corporation. Both directors of NxtPhase, they were recognised for their work in the design of the NxtPhase fibre optic voltage and current sensors. These products measure transmission-level electric power with greater accuracy and flexibility, and offer utilities increased environmental and safety benefits.

Ross Malme, CEO and founder of RETX and chairman of the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) was also one of those selected for the award, under the category of Leadership. This is in recognition of the work he has done, both at RETX and with the PLMA, on demand response issues. The PLMA is among the foremost authorities on demand response within the industry, and RETX has become a pioneer of demand response under Malme’s leadership.

The award’s mission is based on “Identifying, recognizing and honoring the best and brightest individual technologist and technology-focused companies throughout the world positioned at the forefront of information technology applications used throughout the global energy marketing chain – upstream, midstream, down-stream and retail.”