A.P. Systems integrates Wavecom GSM/GPRS wireless CPU for AMR in Europe


A.P. Systems, a leading Italian subsystem designer for the meter
market, has selected Wavecom’s wireless solutions for its newest line
of advanced communications subsystems for automatic electricity

A.P. Systems’ new energy meter subsystem for remote
monitoring and control of electricity uses the latest cellular wireless
communication technology that will allow energy providers to
retrofit existing meters or, create hubs connecting meters, with
communication capabilities. The add-on functionality developed by
A.P. Systems makes for easy adoption in both the consumer and
enterprise markets
Wavecom and A.P. Systems have been working together since
2002 on technical development, including a state-of-the-art, turnkey
terminal that can be attached to certain existing energy meters, thus
turning them into ‘smart’ meters. Wavecom’s Open AT® Software
Suite may be tailored to a specific market.

www.apsystems.it / www.wavecom.com