Adapter connects different meters to one modem

Meter operators often have more than one type of communicating electricity meter at a given site, with each type of meter having its own communications protocol. This causes difficulties for a remote data collection computer to access all the meters through a single modem. For an effective solution remote switching between meters needs to be under the control of the data collection computer, and there must be no confusion on any local meter communications circuit about which meter is connected to the collection computer.

Coherent Technologies has developed the EC24 MMX kit that enables up to four different types of electricity meter to be linked to a single modem. The kit comprises a special modem, a circuit switching adapter and cables for each type of meter. Firmware in the MMX modem interprets switching commands from the data collection computer, while the circuit switching adapter that sits between the modem and the first meter provides break-out and cable connections for up to three other meters. The cables can be up to one metre in length and are available for most meters. The kit can be fitted easily, and is compatible with MV90.

The manufacturer is offering a free modem sample to any company providing meters or metering services. Samples can be obtained by visiting the company’s website.