ADD GRUP about to develop advanced tools for demand side management


Exclusive interview with Ruslan Casico, Head of Marketing & Sales, ADD Grup, gold sponsors at the upcoming Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012.

What is on the calendar for the next year for ADD Grup?
ADD GRUP’s main focus in the year to come will be on installing the new PRIME compliant ADDAX meter. We will customize our PRIME meter for different countries as it gains new regions/territories.

ADD GRUP is about to develop advanced tools for demand side management. These new tools will help utilities better manage their load and shave the spikes in power consumption. This is achieved by enabling the customer to gain control over his/her consumption.

What current projects are you most excited about?
The project for Imatra Estonia, in which ADD GRUP will provide an AMI system covering all 25,000 metering points, is under way. We believe it will prove its effectiveness for the utilities as well as other stakeholders in the energy market.

Another project that receives a lot of our attention is the implementation of 100,000+ ADDAX meters in Kyrgyzstan. We are excited about bringing the benefits to JV Severelectro in terms of reduced commercial losses and increased transparency of the operations. We believe it will become a notable case study, used as a benchmark by all utilities in the region.

As of the other projects underway in Poland, Bulgaria and Thailand, we ensure all necessary technical support.

What are your most proud of in terms of ADD Grup’s recent achievements?
In 2011 we launched a new technology of MV PLC based on OFDM modulation, which enables higher data transmission rates. This new technology has been implemented in Poland and Czech Republic, where it has successfully reduced to zero (i.e. eliminated) the cost of communication by substituting GPRS. Our main task now is to expand the use of MV PLC to other European countries.

ADD GRUP’s new meters compliant with PRIME have been tested by an independent laboratory. The results of the test showed compliance with PRIME protocols.

What makes ADD Grup successful?
What differentiates ADD GRUP is our readiness to customize our solution according to the client’s needs. We promote long term preferential relationships with our clients that result in developing and implementing effective solutions.

Utilities choose the ADDAX solution for its reliability and cost effectiveness. The extensive use of PLC over LV and MV power lines has proven to be the most cost effective approach to realizing an advanced metering infrastructure. Many of our clients have low or no costs related to communications. The use of open protocols enables the utilities to integrate new generations of meters along with existing ADDAX meters.

What do you think are the main challenges currently in the industry?
The main challenge in smart metering industry is interoperability. Smart meters must be technically and operationally interoperable, enabling utilities to interconnect meters from different manufacturers. As a result utilities will have more stable and reliable metering systems and unified and standardized read data, and will obtain the easiest way to manage the whole energy infrastructure.

What is your vision for the industry?
Smart metering and AMI systems are fundamental solutions that are helping utilities from all over the world to reach their level of service by providing high quality energy to consumers, and also reach the level of consumer satisfaction by reducing their bills.

What surprises you about the industry?
The most surprising moment is the quick pace of development and implementations.

What will be your message at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe this year?
ADD GRUP is pleased to announce the launch of the PRIME compliant meters based on ADDAX Technology. The first model, which has been customized for the Polish market, has successfully passed the PRIME compliance test at an independent laboratory. By the end of the year, the PRIME complaint equipment will be ready for the Spanish market.

At Metering Europe 2012 we will showcase the PRIME compliant ADDAX equipment. We look forward to meeting you at the event to discuss the potential implementations of our new solution.