African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa are two of the biggest shows on the continent, and highlights both the new technologies, and opportunities in rapidly developing markets. Here are the highlights from Day 3.

The annual African Utility Week Awards were packed, but only a few would win the top recognition the continent has to offer. Here are 2019’s winners alongside South African Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe.

Smart Energy International also had the opportunity to welcome long-time partners Conlog back on board as both the sponsors of the African Power & Energy Elites, and as proud partners for 2020.

We caught up with experts in the African Energy sector to get an inside track on investing on the continent. South Africa is set to be issue it’s long-awaited IRP, and opportunity is becoming stronger than ever. Here are the insights that could put you ahead of the pace in the months ahead.

Understanding a region’s approach to water management underpins an understanding on how best to do business there. We spoke to
Kai Kaatra, Deputy Director General for Natural Resources in Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland, on what an outsider can see looking in to Africa’s water future.

Lastly, African Utility Week hosted its annual Initiate! programme, looking at the continent’s best technology startups and institutions with concepts ripe for investment. Congratulations to Strathmore University in Kenya.

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