AMR for US military bases


SpeedRead Technologies has announced that its strategic partner, Minol USA, has been authorised to install SpeedRead fixed network wireless AMR systems at two major US military bases. The systems employ high powered radio signals travelling over FCC licenced frequencies to send usage data once a day to a collection box that can be located several miles away. The concentrator boxes collect and consolidate the data, and then typically pass it on to a computerised billing system.

At the Quantico installation the transmitters will be attached to water, gas and electricity meters throughout the base. A unique feature of the SpeedRead system is that a single transmitter can easily be connected to three different types of meter. After installation is complete, Minol will continue to operate the system, collecting regular consumption readings which will be used to establish realistic baselines for approved usage. Once the baselines are set, residents will be billed for consumption beyond the baselines, or given a credit if they consume less.