AMR pilot scheme in Brunei

The Brunei Darussalam government’s department for electrical services has commissioned an AMR pilot project run by Hadhi Technologies. The company’s MeterLink AMR system uses the latest power line carrier (PLC) technology and, for this project, wireless RF communications to offer remote meter reading, remote connect/disconnect, automatic tariff changes, one meter for both credit and prepayment customers, multi-utility readings and intelligent load control and more.

The multi-utility meters perform a reading every 30 minutes, with the data stored in the meter. The configurable reading schedule and retry mechanism for the local data concentrator (LDC) in the sub-station, remotely configurable from the central control system in the utility office, reads all meters every three hours and, in this set-up, demand records every four hours, using PLC. The central control system performs automatic billing, currently configured for once a month, and reads all meter and demand records automatically from the LDC tables once a day using the wireless RF communications. Prepaid metering payments are credited to the meter within an hour, using the same communications infrastructure. Ad hoc requests can be made at any time. The GIS interface used improves service to customers.

MeterLink AMR systems have already been installed in Ghana and Kuwait, and the pilot in Brunei is progressing well. An installation in Bahrain is planned for the first quarter of 2002.