AMR with a DSM application

Australon, a public company established to meet demand for remote monitoring and control applications, has developed an end-to-end, Internet-enabled, remote AMR system which provides real time energy consumption monitoring. The Australon AMR system is a two-way communication network which allows the application of demand side management (DSM) practices such as scheduled control of customer loads, reduction of maximum demand and load spreading.

The system uses the latest 2.5G wireless technology (GPRS) in combin-ation with power line commun-ications (PLC) technology; the improved performance of the latter was one of the main reasons for its selection as the transport medium from dwellings. The use of GPRS and its attendant low cost data transfer charges has resulted in an inexpensive, wireless data transmission capability, but other mediums can be used where coverage by GPRS is not available. Meter data can be delivered all over the world. By using an IP infra-structure, information can be readily accessed from existing LAN/WAN systems.