Are you smart?


Smart people think smart…

… And if you want to think smart, think Smart Homes 2012. Whatever your interest in the connected world, we have it covered at Smart Homes 2012. We take a close look at who’s doing what in the market, who’s partnering with who, and what results are being achieved. Smart Homes gives you an overview of the market whilst drilling down on the forces of growth and development.
Take a look at the agenda and see the variety of talks, topics and companies represented at this event.

Here is just a snapshot of some of the topics covered at Europe’s largest smart home conference:

Safeguarding content ownership to protect revenue income
Marrying two respective market leaders on a customer care basis
Achieving interoperability between different connected devices
Rethinking the smart home interface to help breach the digital divide
The bidding process: building effective partnerships

Three phases of customer engagement: think, engage, anticipate response
How telcos can develop the smart home through M2M
Initial customer feedback from smart home trials
New developments to refine the service offering
Killer App? Does it really exist?
Integrating HEM with the EV infrastructure
New entrants and business models
Giving the customer what they want at the right price

If you want to find out more and share your ideas with 500+ smart home experts, come join us at Europe’s no 1 smart home event, taking place on 9-11 October!

I look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!

Kind regards,
Ed Butler
Conference Producer
P.S. With limited seats available, make sure not to miss out on Europe’s leading smart home event and register today!