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As Europe edges closer to the 2020 EU targets, we are presented by a vastly complex interplay of factors: from geopolitical and economic forces that heavily influence low carbon agendas to smart grids, consumer, policy and technology that facilitate them.
The drive for greater efficiency to address rising demand and to counter resource depletion and climate change are at the core of all ‘smart’ developments. 
Metering, Billing/CRM Europe, co-located with Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe and Smart Homes will cover every aspect of energy transport, delivery and customer management, including rapidly growing new services and cutting edge solutions.

  • 6500+ international smart energy experts will be here – the most efficient and personal way to meet  and connect, and get first-hand market insights
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From a humble device to a smart grid node – what the future holds for smart metering?
Smart metering is by many seen as a catalyst for transformation of the utility sector, with the potential to rewrite the roles and dynamics between the consumer, supplier and distributor and spearhead the development of smart grid.
Crucially, it is a missing link between an energy company and the consumer, who has traditionally been disengaged, with services reduced to retrospective billing with no intelligence on consumption patterns or incentives to change one’s behaviour.
As the cost of smart metering and smart deployments runs into billions of Euros, possibly the biggest issue is how to justify such a spend in a tough economic climate and ensure that the investments deliver tangible benefits for all.

The programme will discuss the strategic drivers behind smart metering and smart grids, while zooming in on specific challenges:

  • How to tap into the potential of flexible demand, price triggers and consumer engagement?
  • The array of communications technologies abounds – but which are future-proof and which will become obsolete as the grid evolves?
  • Are utilities guilty of rolling out smart grid operations in silos, resulting in cumbersome and disjointed operations?
  • How to design a business and market model that unites the interests of all stakeholders – governments, consumers, utilities and technology providers – whose joint efforts are needed for realising the full smart grid potential?

These and all pressing smart energy issues will be discussed in over 50 hours of presentations, workshops and debate, dedicated to learning, ideas sharing and most in-depth market insights!
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