Capgemini – digital utilities and innovation


Interview with Philippe David, VP, Energy, Utilities & Chemicals Global Sector Network Lead, CapGemini – gold sponsor at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012.

Philippe David

What is on the calendar for the next year for Capgemini?
Explaining the digital utilities concept to utilities and the partner and analyst communities.

What projects are you particularly excited about?
The one that fully transforms utilities companies to reach a lean, more efficient operating model on the road to energy transition.

What do you think are the main challenges in the industry?
Creating new cultures and ways of working from existing legacies.

What is your vision for the industry?
A bright future where the power sector will play a great part in de-carbonization of the economy.

What surprises you about the industry?
Not enough proactive behavior.

What will be your specific message at Metering Europe this year?
Concentrate on innovation and the impact on business and operation models.