CEE: Transformation towards smart energy landscape calls for immediate action

Central & Eastern Europe is facing the inevitable start of the transformation towards a smart energy landscape, and many stakeholders in the region have realised the crucial importance of immediate action. With the European Commission 2012 cost/benefit analysis targets ahead and the 2020 targets coming closer, it is clear that CEE utilities have to act now.  

The full potential of the smart utility can only be reached through a strong cross collaboration between the different building blocks of the smart grid, from grid management to smart customers. Without having key utility perspectives from today’s best-practice, you could be at risk to linger behind in the rapidly developing CEE smart energy market.

Against this background, we have expanded the scope of Smart Utilities Central & Eastern Europe 2012 beyond metering to encompass all ‘smart energy’ elements.  

Smart Utilities Central & Eastern Europe is a timely event bringing together more than 200 established stakeholders representing the entire value chain from regulators, governments, utilities and solution providers.

We guarantee that by attending Smart Utilities Central & Eastern Europe you will get:

  • The opportunity to make valuable contacts with the region’s leading smart utility professionals and ask your questions face to face
  • Regional and international key perspectives from 30+ confirmed speakers including CEZ, SC Electrica, E.ON Czech Republic, Endesa, Enexis and many more
  • Business contacts, new ideas and industry outlooks from the people that matter

Download our fresh-of-the-press brochure today and find out how you can explore what the future holds for you in the CEE smart energy markets!  
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