Cybersecurity – a crucial component or an afterthought


Remember the 2010 stuxnetsupervirus, attacking PLC software embedded in power grid and water plants, disabling the system and capturing data? For a quick reminder, please have a read here.
How many of such instances have happened over the last few years? Is the trend of utilities paying lip service to smart grid security and seeing it as the last box to be ticked changing?

As the legacy of their mechanical infrastructure, there still seems a distinct lack of understanding of how digital technology and automated data collection need to be secured and what the threats of hacking are.
Entities with longest experience in cyber security matters are national governments, and none more so than US Homeland Security’s chief technical analyst, Eric Cornelius, has the first-hand experiences on how particular attacks have unfolded in the field and what steps were taken to remedy them.

We are delighted that Eric will take to the stage at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012 and give his account of the real threat of cyber-attacks, and the cost of the unsecured infrastructure to the network, utilities and economic and national well-being.
What are your views on cybersecurity?
Do you think its instances are isolated, too costly and not applicable to your operation? Or on the contrary believe that it is crucial to have cybersecurity embedded in every fibre of the system?

Let us know your thoughts and join the debate at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012, 9-11 October, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Kind regards,

Aida Mezit
Conference Producer

PS. Got a question for Mr. Cornelius? Come meet and join him plus 200+ top level speakers in Amsterdam on 9-11 October.