Danish Climate Minister: paying more for energy is insurance


On November 25th, The Danish Government presented its plan to secure the countries’ energy future. Titled Our Energy, the strategy presents specific measures for fulfilling the government’s goal of stimulating green growth.

The plan is based on the previous government’s Energy Strategy 2050, but raises the bar higher. This means an increase in the demand for green energy technologies and enormous opportunities for all smart energy stakeholders.

Martin Lidegaard, the Danish Minister of Climate Change, Energy and Building said:

“Creating green economic growth will secure Denmark’s future. Viewed in narrow terms, we can expect to pay more for energy, but this has to be seen as a form of insurance."

Scandinavia and particularly Denmark, is one of the most advanced ‘smart energy’ regions globally. This is illustrated by a high level of renewable integration, smart meter adoption and consumer engagement programmes.
As a result of this utilities are now diversifying the use of smart meters beyond solely billing and CRM functions. They are moving towards full smart grid integration, including the uptake of electrical vehicles, renewable integration and demand response programmes.

Explore Scandinavia’s full smart energy potential!
Against this background we have expanded the scope of our event beyond metering to encompass all ‘smart energy’ elements. We are proud to present to you: Smart Utilities Scandinavia 2012, taking place in Copenhagen on 20-21 March.

The Smart Utilities Scandinavia 2012 conference agenda features leading utilities and thought leaders from across Europe defining the future of the Scandinavian smart energy market.
25+ leading experts will present critical insights into:  

  • The Scandinavian smart energy state of play – join the discussion on the Nordic’s ambitious carbon targets and needed mechanism to achieve these. Plus the essentials for the right regulatory framework overcoming economic, political and environmental issues.
    • Insights by: The Danish Energy Association, The European Commimssion and BKK Net.
  • Large scale renewable integration – explore the challenges of Europe’s largest offshore wind farms, including an exclusive perspective on Europe’s first demand response case for the industrial market.
    • Insights by: DONG Energy, Scottish and Southern and DTU Electrical Engineering
  • Smart customer management – be updated on the opportunities of dynamic pricing and demand response programmes as triggers for flexible consumption, as well as creating value propositions for customers.
    • Insights by: Fortum, DONG Energy, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
  • Best-in-class regional smart grid projects – including the innovative Kalundborg Smart City project, one of the largest European smart grid projects EcoGridEU and Finland’s biggest smart grid project the Kalatasama Smart City Project
    • Insights by: Kalundborg Project, Energinet.dk, HelsinginEnergia
  • Grid optimization: flexibility, robustness and control – understand how to ensure security and control systems to manage a low-carbon network, including the effective use of smart meter data and the implementation of a future proof ICT system.
    • Insights by SEAS-NVE, E.ON UK
  • The electrical vehicles market opportunity – gain knowledge on how to cope with volatile and unpredictable load profiles of millions of EVs, including smart charging solutions, customer trials and market outlooks.
    • Insights by: Danish EV Alliance, Better Place

Please click here to review the full speaker list.

Look out for the full conference programme, available as of December 16th.

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