DISTRIBUTECH International call for abstracts closes on 13 July


DISTRIBUTECH International seeks to bring all of the utility industry’s players together, from asset managers to distribution engineers to AMI evangelists and smart city pioneers. 

DISTRIBUTECH International summit attendees are looking to be inspired by big thinkers, innovators, technical experts, and those with different perspectives.

The deadline to submit an abstract has been extended until 13 July.

If your presentation is selected, you may be asked to deliver it as an individual presentation or panel presentation in our formal Summit program. It may also be chosen for our Knowledge Hubs which are the expanded, heavily trafficked presentation theaters in the exhibit hall.

Please submit your abstracts below for DISTRIBUTECH International, taking place February 9-11, 2021 in San Diego, California. If you have questions, feel free to contact Debbi Wells at debbi.wells@clarionevents.com.

Only the best abstracts will be considered for presentation at DISTRIBUTECH International 2021. Abstracts that are overtly commercial and promotional of products and services WILL NOT be considered.  Failure to meet deadlines will result in the removal of your presentation from the conference. 

Read our FAQ’s to learn more about presentation formats and the selection process.

When submitting your abstract, please choose a first and second choice category based on the best fit for your abstract topic. Your abstract will be submitted to both subcommittees for review and consideration. DISTRIBUTECH International offers two types of session formats: individual and panel presentations. The committee will develop all sessions, choosing to make them individual or panel presentations.

In light of the current Coronavirus crisis, we understand utilities may not be able to confirm their participation at the time of abstract submission.  If you’re a vendor/exhibitor submitting an abstract with the intent to have a utility participate please list the name of the utility in your abstract and they can be confirmed at a later date.

To submit an abstract CLICK HERE