DLMS USER ASSOCIATION: Seminar at Metering Europe – Follow-up in Bangalore, India



The DLMS User Association is a traditional and ardent supporter of the Metering Europe exhibition and conference, which took place this year in Berlin from 27-30 September. The Association has a booth, presented a paper, and had its General Meeting during the conference.

This was the third year when we teamed up with Synergy to organise a pre-conference seminar on DLMS/COSEM, an event attracting an ever-growing number of people. This year 19 participants from Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Japan and the Netherlands followed the lectures, which were updated with new features such as DLMS/COSEM using Internet technologies. Based on earlier pre-conference seminars in Amsterdam and Paris, the presentations were backed up by printed material, by a CD with an animated slide show, and with download possibilities for participants and members of the DLMS User Association. The seminar is divided into six training packs (Introduction, the COSEM model, Accessing and transporting the data, Examples, Deliverables, and Conformance testing).

DLMS Conference Delegates

Delegates from 11 countries attended the DLMS/COSEM pre-conference seminar held in Berlin, Germany

The next event is a four-day tutorial to be held in Bangalore, India, from 30 November to 3 December 2004. It is organised by Central Power Research Institute, and offers an opportunity to meter operators, system integrators and product developers to learn about DLMS/COSEM, to understand the main principles and benefits and the market situation, to gain practical experience and to gather the information necessary for specifying, developing and operating DLMS/COSEM based metering systems.