Does using smart water metering present too many challenges in the Middle East?


Dubai, UAE — (METERING.COM) — September 21, 2011 – The implementation of smart water metering holds many benefits but is proving to be a challenging prospect in the Middle East region. Just one issue to overcome is the harsh nature of the environment on meters exposed to the elements.

To this end, the Water Meter Middle East seminar taking place on October 25, 2011 in Dubai, will uncover ways to capitalize on smart water meters and identify ways for water utilities to overcome the challenges.

The seminar facilitator, Jeremy Heath, network manager of Sutton and East Surrey Water, U.K., states: “It is prudent for engineers to first analyze existing problems – annual and daily water demand patterns, resource deficits, leakage scenarios – and then ask how smart metering could be used to modify the customer behaviors to meet these concerns. It is in using these technologies to solve long term water resource concerns that metering becomes truly smart.”

Water utilities are encouraged by the  Arab Countries Water Utility Association (ACWUA) to attend this one day water meter seminar to collaborate in a practical workshop, panel discussion, and case study testimonials.

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