Ed’s note: The most important networking event of the year


As the European summer winds down, it is almost time for the most important networking event of the year. European Utility Week 2018 – hosted in Vienna this year – will take place between 6 and 8 November and again promises to bring together the who’s who of the utility sector.

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Under the theme of Accelerating the clean energy transition, European Utility Week this year will bring a new element to the table through the addition of a commercial and industrial energy users programme. Annual consumption by commercial and industrial energy users is in excess of 26%. Efforts to decrease carbon emissions across Europe are going to impact the importance of energy efficiency for large commercial and industrial concerns. This programme will have a strong focus on decreasing energy use and improving efficiency, maintaining productivity and reducing costs.

We spoke recently to Paddy Young, event director for European Utility Week, and he shared some of the development plans for the event.

“Corporate energy procurement for large users plays an important role in the development of renewable energy as more corporates seek to procure energy from increasingly renewable energy sources. Establishing power purchase agreements with large commercial concerns reduces the need for subsidies in renewable energy while ensuring long-term financial security for energy producers,” Young says.

“In order to cover the full ecosystem, we are going to be providing access to speakers and experts across the entire value chain. However, our specific focus will be on monetising your flexible capacity, energy price drivers, energy efficiency optimisation and digitalisation challenges.”

Sustainable energy procurement, the European PPA market and investment challenges will further be covered, acknowledging that investors are becoming conscientious around the types of projects they get involved in and the implications of their investment dollars on the larger environment

The commercial and industrial focus is only one element of the programme offering, with European Utility Week continuing to provide expert insight into digitalisation, decarbonisation, energy markets and innovation across the sector.

“We will answer seven big questions this year,” Young promises.

  1. What will the future role of utilities be?
  2. How can we keep energy supplies resilient?
  3. How can the grid respond to the demands of e-mobility?
  4. How is blockchain changing the way energy is traded?
  5. How can we accelerate progress to a low-carbon future?
  6. What will the successful energy business models of the future be?
  7. How can energy-intensive users adapt to a changing energy market?

Are you going to be at European Utility Week? Let us know, as the Smart Energy International team will be on site, conducting interviews, attending sessions and meeting with friends – both old and new. As the official media partner of European Utility Week 2018, we also offer a number of targeted promotional opportunities, both pre-event, onsite and post-event, through our print promotions and digital packages with a focus on video content.  If you’d like to know more about these, contact Errol Bryce to discuss the options.

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