Electric meter reading handbook


By Virgil Johnson – Virgil Johnson Technical Publishing

Recently, I had an opportunity to review Virgil Johnson’s Electric Meter Reading Handbook. This first edition publication contains topics that address both practical information regarding meter equipment and the occupational hazards of meter reading.

It has been my experience that much of the information meter reading employees need to do the job properly has been absent from the work place. This handbook describes the proper reading methods for demand and non-demand meters, as well as the impact that errors have on the billing function. This information will be valuable in the training of new employees, and will serve as an excellent refresher course for more experienced meter readers.

Electric Metering Reading Handbook

The occupational hazard section focuses on animal control and personal equipment to deal with environmental elements. Safety is a problem in most meter reading organisations, and this information may save a life! Too many utility safety programmes are designed for the electrical hazards of line work and do not cover meter reading specifically. I am pleased to see a comprehensive approach to heighten the aware-ness of safety for meter reading and I believe this handbook will be a valuable part of the utility industry’s efforts to improve meter reading employee performance.