Elster – ‘future energy mix needs to be sustainable to meet and secure growing demand’


Exclusive interview with Kim Arlund Nørgaard, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Elster Integrated Solutions and Elster Electricity International. Elster is a gold sponsor at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe.

What is on the calendar for the next year for Elster?
We’re working closely with our partners and customers across Europe to ensure smart meter rollouts are on track, i.e. according to the EU’s mandate.
What makes Elster successful?
We are successful because we understand our customers’ needs and requirements as well as playing an active role in the creation and definition of future regulation and standards across Europe and worldwide.
What do you think are the main challenges currently in the industry?
The two main challenges in the industry are ensuring greater interoperability across the smart grid environment and gaining greater consumer engagement and acceptance. Solving the challenges of privacy and security are central to these efforts. The industry is ready to address the public demands and the solutions and technology are ready to be in place today, to protect user data.
What is your vision for the industry?
The future energy mix needs to be sustainable to meet and secure the growing energy demand for the ever growing world population. Also the technology needs to be truly smart and interoperable by design to successfully integrate energy and encourage use awareness in people’s everyday life.

Elster develops and integrates tailormade intelligence and the latest technologies across the energy and resources value chain to help make the smart energy future happen.
What surprises you about the industry?
Last year we called for greater stakeholder collaboration in order to ensure smart meter success and we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the progress we’ve made since then. For example, several of the recommendations for the European Commission’s Smart Grid Task Force have now been adopted by the Commission.
What will be your message at Metering Europe this year?
Interoperability by design and intelligence in every step of the energy value chain.