Energy is evolving: so is Enlit Europe


Enlit Europe group director Paddy Young talks collaboration, innovation and inspiration.

Enlit Europe’s clear vision is to be your inclusive guide to the European energy transition.

From source to generation and grid to consumer, the boundaries of the sector are blurring. This evolution is being shaped by established players, external disruptors, innovative startups and the increasingly engaged end-user.

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Smart Energy International Issue 5-2020.
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At Enlit Europe, the new unifying brand for European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, we will bring all of these people together to seize current opportunities, spotlight future ones and inspire the next generation to participate in the journey.

This journey to a carbon-neutral 2050 is relentless and therefore our content must be constantly evolving and available.

Co-locating POWERGEN Europe and European Utility Week under one roof in Paris last year, and then rebranding as Enlit, achieved our ambition to deliver an end-to-end energy event.

Yet from the very conception of the Enlit vision, our ambition has always been to be more than a single event. We wanted to create a continually evolving online resource and community platform that is available 365 days a year.

Paddy Young

This resource was intended to be launched at Enlit Europe in Milan this year, yet as it became clear that we would have to wait until next year to be together in Italy, we had to accelerate the development of this online platform.

So now our three-day event is complemented by the Enlit Europe digital platform, which provides essential content both live and on demand. It is a one-stop-shop to share knowledge and expertise with your peers, and source products and services.

Following the launch of the platform, more and more companies are now approaching us to explore ways to connect with the Enlit community, because they realise it is vital that business is still generated, best practices shared, and innovation fostered and financed.

Ultimately, this platform will be where you can follow the plethora of European energy projects. It will also shine a spotlight on the most innovative startups to invest in because innovation is one of the cornerstones of Europe’s energy transition – without it, our 2050 targets will fail.

Enlit Europe will gather in Milan between 30 November and 02 December 2021 and will feature innovative companies accelerating decarbonisation at Europe’s largest gathering of companies driving and leading the energy transition. Are you going to be there?
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In recent years I have witnessed how companies are rising to the challenges of today and are investing in, and piloting, new solutions, stimulating young talent and innovating business models.

Our digital platform and live event will highlight these successes and act as a community to connect incumbents and disruptors, so that they may inspire each other and, in turn, evolve the energy transition. We will tell their stories – and yours too.

As part of our promise to be the only inclusive guide to the energy transition, we will be a platform for voices to be heard from across the whole energy spectrum.

Energy is evolving – so are we. Let’s make the journey together.

To see details of Enlit Europe’s forthcoming digital programme plus the chance to catch episodes on demand, visit the website.