Energy solutions for DSM applications


South African utility Eskom is implementing demand side management projects to help alleviate an anticipated electricity supply shortage in the future. Eskom appointed an independent contractor to verify that energy savings were being achieved, by analysing load parameters, including load profiling, and producing regular reports outlining actual site performance. The data was read remotely using Zaptronix’s multi-function 4-quadrant electricity meter, the ZAP03BE.

Enhancements such as per phase data logging, MV-90, Stark and MODBUS interfacing, and GSM, fixed line and Fastnet compatibility have recently been made to the ZAP03BE. Units can be connected to the remote devices, either directly (RS232) or via an RS485 bus. These enhancements, taken in conjunction with existing features such as TOU metering and multiple I/O, make the ZAP03BE suitable for use in remote metering and industrial process control applications, as well as the more traditional markets of utility,
commercial and industrial billing.

The materials used in the manufacture of this meter are all eco-friendly, and the plastic and polymer components can be recycled. Security is also regarded as a critical issue, and to safeguard the integrity of its products, Zaptronix now requires user registration of all software used in the market. This software can be downloaded at no cost from the Zaptronix web site, but users will not be able to use the configuration software without a licence key.

The ZAP03BE meter has the full COP (UK) security features, allowing users to set three level passwords within the meter, and has received the SABS Mark specification, having previously been certified by CE Mark, OFGEM in the UK and the IEC.