Energy trading workshop at EMART Energy in Lyon in November


Energy traders will have the unique opportunity to get real life and real time trading experience during the EFET Academy Simulation workshop during the upcoming EMART Energy 2011 in Lyon, France on 22 November. More than a thousand of Europe’s foremost energy trading experts will meet to discuss the challenges facing the industry, such as the eurozone crisis, stricter EU trading rules, security of supply and the impact of renewables.  It is the 13th edition of the conference and expo which has long been regarded as Europe’s largest and leading annual energy forex trading brokers platform.

EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders) is a group of more than 100 European energy trading companies dedicated to stimulate and promote energy trading.

Complexities of trading
The EFET Academy Simulation workshop introduces traders to the complexities of trading in constantly evolving markets, says Nel Jonk, EMART Energy 2011 director. She adds:  “it allows traders to learn and test their knowledge and skills in real life scenarios and competitive team trading simulations.”

Workshop Format and Contents
Jonk says the workshop is targeted at and will greatly benefit junior traders with a good understanding of energy market processes who would like to deepen their “hands-on” knowledge and insight into the complexity of energy trading.  
She continues:  “the workshop is based on real life scenarios and consists of slides, the real time trading simulation and time for participants to discuss, explain and feedback after running each scenario.  Each segment builds upon the knowledge gained in the previous and an instructor leads the participants through each.  The participants are exposed to market volatility, time pressures and constraints. They work in teams of two.”

Real life scenarios
In each scenario the participants need to sell the power produced by a power plant on the forward market.  They trade power and CO2 certificates, manage inventories, react to changes in market and regulatory environment, and manage price risk on power and commodity markets as well as volume and credit risks with suitable hedging strategies. They also deal with subjects such as "credit limits" and "counterparty risk" and interpret reports generated by the software based on realized profits and market prices in each scenario.

Key Learning Points include:  

  • Long Term Trading
  • Asset Backed & Spec Trading
  • CO2 Market
  • EU ETS
  • LCPD Emissions Management
  • Credit Management & Risk Management (VaR)
  • Stock Management
  • Market Message Interpretation

Event dates and location:
21 November:
EFET Workshop on Master Trading and Collateral Agreements

22 November:
Energy Contracting Master Class
EFET Workshop on How Energy Trading Works

23-24 November:
Conference sessions and expo

Location: Centre de Congrés, 50 Quai Charles de Gaulle, Lyon, France
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