EPN and the utility awards programmes


Founded in 1993, the EPN (Energy Planning Network) began as a consortium of networking professionals managing energy decisions in large commercial and industrial corporations. A decade later the EPN launched a second consortium to network, educate and advocate professionals managing customer care and related technological initiatives within electricity, gas and water companies.

Each consortium is directed by a steering committee – in the case of the second consortium, by a committee of utility professionals. Together with Smart Energy International, the official publication sponsor, EPN is pleased to announce the 2004/2005 Metering Awards Programme. EPN invites you to submit your metering accomplishments.

Winners in 2003 include Eskom, Entergy and Essent. EPN’s awards programme has received entries for electricity, gas and water companies based in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, the US, South America and Canada. Winners are determined by a panel of over a dozen peers, with many winners from last year serving as judges this year.